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I have been able to get in touch with one of the people I know at Virginia Tech and she's okay. I've heard from others that the other person I know who goes there was in class when the shootings were happening and he's ok, too.
Campus is a little weird today. Given that the majority of people here are from VA and the same is true for Tech, so many people have friends and connections there. It's close to impossible to get through on cell phones because the towers are overloaded. Facebook is proving to be helpful.
As of right now, 32 people have been killed. The university is on lockdown and all that. It's so sad. This world can be really messed up sometimes.
What I've heard from my friends is that the shooter went to the freshman dorm looking for his girlfriend and shot her as a result of a fight they were in. He then moved acorss campus to an engineering building and killed 30+ people in the classrooms there. It's unclear whether he killed himself or was killed by police, then. There have been reports of people jumping out of windows to get away from it all.
Those students have had to deal with so much this year. It's nowhere close to fair.

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